For Our Children

Our school district has children from many diverse backgrounds.  We have special needs and vulnerable children.  We have immigrant children as well as children with roots going back generations.  We have rural and town children.  We have privileged and underprivileged children.

Regardless of their background each and every child deserves the opportunity to learn, succeed and excel.  Each and every child is precious and I will work diligently to ensure our children are able to prosper.

For Our Community

School District 508 is a strong, diverse and beautiful community.  In area it encompasses over 120 square miles, including; 2  zip codes; Kasota and Saint Peter.  District 508 has town, rural and agricultural residents in both Le Sueur and Nicollet counties.  It is vitally important to continue our work together to keep this a vibrant school district.

Without community support the school district will fail... but with community involvement and support we will provide educational excellence for each and every child.  As a member of our school board I will work diligently with the members of our community to create a culture of vision, unity and respect to ensure the successful education of our children.


For Our School Board


In the next twelve months the Saint Peter School Board will be hiring a new superintendent, addressing a $500,000 budget shortfall, projecting, planning and preparing for future school years all while ensuring each and every child is excelling and learning.  

In addition the school board will be deciding upon a new 2020 referendum to meet budget shortfalls while working to solve the disturbing achievement levels the MCA testing results have revealed.  

I pledge to work diligently to investigate and understand issues thoroughly to determine if a given decision will help us to achieve educational excellence for our children.